Twice a Week Schedule - 2018

Garbage/Recycling Contractor 
Gaeta Recycling Co., Inc.
973-278-6625, Ext. 10

Monday - Thursday Garbage Schedule
(Effective April through September)
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Garbage Yard Waste Recycling Garbage

Tuesday - Friday Garbage Schedule (Effective April through September)
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Friday
Yard Waste Garbage Recycling Garbage

Garbage Collection - Twice a Week Begins Monday, April 2, 2018

As of Monday, April 2, Gaeta Recycling will begin collecting garbage twice a week. Gaeta collects garbage twice a week from April through September. The second collection day will start on Thursday, April 5 for residents with a Monday - Thursday collection and on Friday, April 6, for residents with a Tuesday - Friday collection. During the months when there are two collection days, if the collection day falls on a holiday, your garbage will be collected on the next scheduled collection day. There will be no change in the recycling collection schedule.

Garbage on Curbside – Keep Our Neighborhoods Clean and Don’t Feed the Bears
Borough Code states that garbage cannot be brought to the curb earlier than 3:00 PM the day preceding the collection date. Residents are encouraged to place trash at the curb on the morning that the trash is being collected, but no later than 6:00 AM. Curbside garbage left overnight attracts bears and other wild animals.

Yard Waste Recycling - Begins April 2, 2018

Gaeta Recycling will begin the curbside recycling collection of Yard Waste. The yard waste collection day will start on Monday, April 2, for residents with a Tuesday - Friday garbage collection schedule and Tuesday, April 3, for residents with a Monday - Thursday garbage collection schedule.


  • Grass Clippings, Vegetation, Plants and Flowers
    Grass clippings and plant waste must be placed in brown recyclable bags or loose in a reusable sturdy container with no liner.  Each brown bag or container cannot weigh over 50 pounds. Grass clippings or plant waste in plastic bags, landscaping barrels or not in a container will not be collected.

  • Tree Limb or Twig Collection
    Tree limbs or twigs need to be cut into 3 ft. X 3 ft. sections and bundled. Each bundle cannot weigh more than 50 pounds. Tree Limbs or Twigs left at the curb that are not cut into sections and bundled will not be picked up.

The following items are not considered Yard Waste and will not be picked-up.