Register for Franklin Lakes Emergency Notification System

Are you prepared for the next emergency? Have you registered your cell phone number and E-mail addresses with the Franklin Lakes Emergency Notification System?

To keep the community informed regarding emergency-related and important events, the Borough has subscribed to the Bergen County Emergency Notification system. This system automatically maintains a confidential listing of all listed and unlisted numbers from all major carriers.  The system does not have cell phone numbers or e-mail addresses.  The system allows us to e-mail, call and send text messages.

Please register your cell phones, e-mail address, and phone numbers from unsupported internet phone carriers (the system does not have information from Skype, Magic Jack and smaller carriers).

By registering your email address in Swift911TM, your email will also be added to the Borough’s e-blast list for periodic e-mails from the Borough with Borough News, emergency alerts, information on special events and upcoming meetings.

Don’t forget your support network

We encourage all residents to register your personal information and information for your support network (friends, caregivers, children and any individuals that should be advised of potential emergencies). Support network entries should contain your name and address (the system will only register those with Franklin Lakes addresses) and the e-mail/phone numbers of individuals you wish contacted.

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