Lightning Alert System and Safety

Attention Residents!
The parks listed at the end of this safety message are equipped with a lightning detection system.
If a siren sounds & a strobe light is on, lightning is in the area. Take appropriate action to ensure your safety! The strobe light remains on during the detection. When the siren sounds & the strobe light is off, it is then safe to return to the park area.
Weather conditions change momentarily. This system is not a total protection plan. Please use common sense.
This is a safety message from the Franklin Lakes Recreation and Parks Department

Park locations:
Municipal Park Complex - DeKorte Drive A. Soccer/Lacrosse Fields B. Baseball Fields
Tommy John Softball Field - DeKorte Drive
Pulis Turf Complex - Pulis Ave

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Lightning Safety
According to the National Weather Service (NWS), lightning strikes the United States about 25 million times each year. While lightning mostly occurs during the summer months, it can happen at any time of the year.
Talk with your family about staying safe during thunderstorms. Here are just a few lightning safety tips that the NWS offers if you are indoors:
  • Stay off corded phones. You can use cellular or cordless phones.
  • Don't touch electrical equipment such as computers, TVs, or cords. You can use the remote control safely.
  • Stay away from windows and doors that might have small leaks around the sides to let in lightning, and stay off porches.
According to the NWS, if you are outside during a storm it is important to get inside a small building or vehicle. You are NOT safe outdoors, but if you absolutely cannot get to safety, follow these tips to slightly lessen the threat of being struck by lightning:
  • Avoid open fields, the top of a hill, or a ridge top.
  • Stay away from tall, isolated trees or other tall objects. If you're in a forest, stay near a lower stand of trees.
  • If you're in a group, spread out to avoid the current traveling between group members.