Tax Collection Performance Dashboard

Mission Statement
Working under the statutes of the State of New Jersey, and the ordinances of the Borough of Franklin Lakes, it is the duty of the Tax Collector’s office to bill, collect, enforce and provide reports on the taxes levied by the Borough, Board of Education – both district and regional, County, Library & Open Space. The Collector is responsible for collecting all current and delinquent property taxes with interest and penalties.  It is our mission to fulfill the duties of this office to the best of our abilities, to educate the residents on the tax collection process, and to assist the Senior Citizens of our Borough in the application and completion of state-mandated forms for tax reduction programs. As part of this mission, the Collector’s intent is that every payment received will be posted to the respective property on the day it is received.

Quarterly Data
Below is a quarterly graph showing comparative performance data for the Tax Collection Department through the most recent quarter for the measure entitled "Edmunds WIPP Program." Click here to view additional quarterly Performance Data reports on Automatic Withdrawal (ACH) Transactions, Edmunds WIPP Program - number, and Tax Levy for quarter.

Annual Data
Below is one of the annual reports showing comparative performance data for the Tax Collection Department over a series of years, ending in 2017, for the measure entitled “Automatic Withdrawal (ACH) Transactions.” Click here for comprehensive annual reports for the years 2010 to 2017.

Performance Measures Currently Tracked by the Tax Collection Department:

Automatic Withdrawal (ACH) Transactions
Edmunds WIPP Program Transactions
Tax Rate
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