Borough Clerk Performance Dashboard

Mission Statement
The Borough Clerk's Office continues to strive for excellence by maintaining the integrity of the legislative process; disseminating  accurate  information  concerning  all  Borough Council proceedings, decisions, and policy issues; providing administrative and technical support to the Borough Council; protecting and preserving all official and historical municipal documents; keeping the Borough Seal and using it to authenticate official documents of the Borough; effectively communicate with, and acting as a liaison  between residents of the Borough, the Governing Body and Borough staff; acting as the custodian of municipal records and providing open access to them; and overseeing and administering a fair and impartial process for all elections in the Borough.

Quarterly Data
Below is a quarterly graph showing comparative performance data for the Borough Clerk's Department through the most recent quarter for the measure entitled "OPRA Request." Click here to view additional quarterly Performance Data reports on Open Public Records Act - OPRA Requests, Ordinances Adopted, VFW Parking Tags Issued and Dog Licenses Issued.

Annual Data
Below is one of the annual reports showing comparative performance data for the Borough Clerk's Office over a series of years, ending in 2017, for the measure entitled “Ordinances Adopted.” Click here for comprehensive annual reports for the years 2009 to 2017.

Performance Measures Currently Tracked by the Borough Clerk:

Cat Licenses
Dog Licenses
Recycling Containers
OPRA Requests
VFW Parking Tags
Liquor Licenses
Raffle Licenses
Ordinances Adopted
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