Board of Health Performance Dashboard

Mission Statement of the Board of Health
The mission of the Franklin Lakes Board of Health is to advocate the health, well-being and quality of life for its' residents by promoting healthy lifestyle changes and responding to the changing health priorities and needs of our community. The Board of Health serves as a health resource for our citizens and assures a safe community and healthy environment.

Mission Statement of the Office of Vital Statistics
The mission of the office of Vital Statistics is to maintain a uniform system for registration and a permanent and continuous index for all birth, death, and marriage records which occur in the Borough of Franklin Lakes. This office works hand-in-hand with area hospitals, funeral homes, and the NJ State Registrar's Office to carry out the registration process and provide a courteous and customer friendly service to the public.

Quarterly Data
Below is one of the quarterly graphs showing comparative performance data for the Board of Health through the most recent quarter for the measure entitled “Vital Statistics - total.” Click here to view additional quarterly Performance Data reports on Vital Statistics Total, Food Related Licenses, Plans Submitted for Review and Septic Permits Issued - Total.

Annual Data

Below is one of the annual reports showing comparative performance data for the Board of Health over a series of years, ending in 2017, for the measure entitled “Septic Permits Issued - Total.” Click here for comprehensive annual reports for the years 2014 to 2017.

Performance Measures Currently Tracked by the Board of Health:

Vital Statistics - deaths certificates, burial permits, marriage licenses and marriages certified
Food Related Licenses
Plans Submitted for Review
Septic Contractor Licenses
Septic Permits - septic abandonments, septic alterations, cleanings, repairs, test holes
Septic Permits Issued
Well Permits
Animal Licenses - hoofed animals and poultry
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