Tax Collector's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


 What are the Tax Collection office hours?

  • The Tax Collection office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM. In addition, each quarter during tax time, the office is open one evening from 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM. These dates are on the Tax Collection page.

 When are taxes due?

  • Taxes are due on February 1, May 1, August 1, and November 1. 

 Is there a grace period?

  • There is a 10 calendar day grace period for each tax quarter. However, if the 10th falls on a weekend or legal holiday, you have until the next business day to make payment. If payment is received after the grace period, interest reverts to the due date. Interest is charged at the rate of 8 % on the first $1,500 and 18% for any amount above that. 

 If I pay by check, to whom do I make the check out?

  • You can make your checks payable to the Borough of Franklin Lakes. 

 Can I use a credit card or pay taxes online?

  • Yes. The Borough has a new feature available to pay taxes online. Click here for more information and to pay taxes online. In addition, payments can be made in person, placed in the tax payment drop box by the front door of Borough Hall or mailed to the Tax Collector's Office at 480 DeKorte Drive, Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417. For additional information call 201-891-4000, ext. 1216 or Click here to pay taxes online.

 If I do not receive a tax bill, am I still responsible to pay my property tax?

  • Yes, you are still responsible to pay your property taxes. Tax bills are mailed out once a year (usually in the July/August period after the new tax rate is certified by the County) with four quarterly stubs containing the amounts due and the due dates. If you have not received your tax bill please contact our office at 201-891-4000, ext 1216. Remember, it is your responsibility to keep up to date on taxes. Per state law every taxpayer is put on notice to ascertain from the proper official of the taxing district the amount which may be due for taxes or assessments against him or his property.

 Are there any property tax deductions for senior citizens or veterans?

  • Yes, there are property tax deductions for both senior citizens and veterans. For senior citizens there is a deduction of $250.00 each year for qualified persons over age 65 in which the income is $10,000 or less, not including social security. For veterans who were honorably discharged and served in active duty during conflicts or wars as per state guidelines, there is a deduction of $250.00 each year. 

 Are there any property tax refunds or rebate programs through the state of New Jersey?

  • Yes, the State has a Property Tax Rebate Program for senior citizens. You can contact the local New Jersey Division of Taxation Office in Fair Lawn (22-08 Route 208 South, 201-791-0500) for more details. 
  • The State also has the Homestead Rebate Program which is implemented through your income tax returns.

 How does the automatic withdrawal payment work?

  • The Borough now can accept tax payments via automatic withdrawal from your checking account. Please note there is no charge for this service. If you are interested in this convenient payment method, submit a completed enrollment/authorization form along with a voided check from the checking account where we will be making the withdrawal. We will implement this withdrawal when taxes are due on your property as follows: between May 1 and May 5, between August 10 and August 15, between November 1 and November 5, and between February 1 and February 5. Please drop off or mail the form with the voided check to the Tax Collection office at Borough Hall.