Tax Assessor's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


 What are the responsibilities of the Assessor’s office?

  • The Assessor’s office is responsible for identifying, valuing and maintaining the Tax List of all properties within the Borough.  The office determines the theoretical selling price of all property in the Borough as of October 1st of the pre-tax year (known as the assessing date).  For all ratable property this value is used to determine each property’s tax obligation used to fund Municipal, School and County operations. 
  • The office maintains the Tax List by processing changes in ownership, sub-divisions creating new parcels as well mergers combining previously separate lots into larger parcels.
  • The office administers relief programs (see below), defends the assessed values if appealed to either the Bergen County Board of Taxation or the State Tax Court and determines an added assessment list for newly improved properties.

 What hours are the office staffed and by whom?

  • The Tax Assessor’s clerk is available Monday-Thursday from 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • The Tax Assessor is available Tuesday from 2:00pm-7:00pm and Wednesday from 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM and at other times by appointment.

 What property tax relief programs exist?

  • Veterans or Surviving Spouse of Veterans
  • 100 Percent Permanently Disable Veteran or Surviving Spouse
  • Senior Citizen, Disabled Person or Surviving Spouse
  • New Jersey Senior "Freeze" (Property Tax Reimbursement):
  • Click here for more information on each of these programs found on our tax deductions page.

 How do I appeal my assessment?

  • Assessments can be appealed by submission of the standard appeal form to either the Bergen County Board of Taxation or directly to the Tax Court of the State of New Jersey (if the assessment is greater than $1,000,000) by April 1st of the current tax year.
  • Click here for more information, including a brochure that explains the appeal process in detail on our  tax appeal hearings page.

 What is the current tax rate?

  • The 2015 Tax Rate is 1.599 per $100 of assessed value.
  • Example: Assessment = $500,000, Taxes = ($500,000/100)*1.599 = $7,995.00/year

 What is the current equalization ratio?

  • Click here for the current equalization ratio.
  • This represents an average of assessed value compared to sale price of all bona fide, arm’s length transactions for the prior fiscal year (July 1st-June 30th) averaged with the prior year’s equalization ratio to produce the current equalization ratio.
  • An equalization ratio less than 100% means sale prices are generally higher than assessed values (property is under-assessed versus market prices) while an equalization ratio greater than 100% means sale prices are generally lower than assessed values (property is over-assessed versus market prices).