Franklin Lakes Town Square (Corner of Franklin Avenue and Colonial Road)

Update on Franklin Lakes Town Square
New Tenants and Continued Facelift
The first two tenants at Franklin Lakes Towne Square, Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins and T-Mobile have been open for business for a couple of months.  It is anticipated that the next two tenants, Franklin Nails and Spa and Waxing the City (, will be open by November.  Please support our new local businesses.
On the other side of Franklin Avenue, known as the Franklin Lakes Shopping Center, the first phase of construction is anticipated to be completed by the beginning of November.  There will then be a lull through the holidays and winter, and exterior construction will resume on the remainder of the Center once the weather allows in the Spring.
Update on Franklin Lakes Town Square
Work Underway in Both Shopping Centers 
Franklin Lakes Town Square, LLC is the owner and developer of the new shopping center on the west side of Franklin Avenue as well as the existing shopping center on the east side of Franklin Avenue.  It is anticipated that the first several retail business tenants in the new shopping center (first floor) will open as soon as Labor Day. 
As the new shopping center is being completed, you will notice the changes being started in the existing shopping center.  The façade of the existing buildings on the east side of Franklin Avenue are being updated for a new cleaner, more contemporary look that will complement the new shopping center.  In addition, there are significant parking lot improvements being started in the front and back parking lots.  The developer is working to make the Borough "downtown" more pedestrian-friendly, with wider walkways, signaled crosswalks and parking lot areas with trees and landscaping. 
Update on Franklin Lakes Town Square
Construction On Schedule
As is evident, construction at Franklin Lakes Town Square (corner of Franklin Avenue and Colonial Road) is moving quickly.  It is on schedule for tenancy as early as this summer.  No official news on the retail tenants (first floor) or the medical office tenants (second floor) but the property owner is actively working towards leasing out both floors.
You may also notice some work being done in the coming weeks and months on the other side (north side) of Franklin Avenue as well, though most of the early renovations on that side will be inside the buildings.  Stay tuned.

Franklin Lakes Downtown Construction Update
Franklin Lakes Town Square, LLC, has received preliminary and final major site plan approval from the Franklin Lakes Planning Board for a new retail and medical office building at the corner of Franklin Avenue and Colonial Road.  This will be a new two-story building featuring retail businesses on the first floor (approximately 18,000 square feet) and medical offices (approximately 13,000 square feet) on the second floor.  There will be approximately seven tenants occupying the ground level.  Below are artist’s renderings of the front and rear of the new building.  The owner advises that it is currently negotiating with a number of prospective tenants for the development.

As you can see if you drive by, construction is underway.  The steel framing for the building will start being erected in December.  If all goes well, businesses will begin opening in the Summer of 2017.

As the building on the south side of Franklin Avenue is being constructed, the retail buildings on the north side of Franklin Avenue have been approved for a significant face lift.  With substantial changes to the façade and to parking layouts, the shopping center on the north side of Franklin Avenue will be much improved, and is designed to complement the new building on the south side of Franklin Avenue.  Work should commence on the south side of Franklin Avenue in the Spring of 2017.

Front view from Franklin Avenue

Back view from Colonial Road