Travel and Immunizations

Traveling Abroad?
Protect Yourself?


When traveling, protect the health of you and your family with necessary immunizations (also called vaccinations).  A travel clinic provides travel counseling for specific destinations, vaccination advice and delivery, and immunization certificates. It is recommended that you see a travel clinic or your primary care provider 4 to 6 weeks before travel.

What Types of Immunizations Do I Need?

Immunizations may be required† for travel to certain countries. Official proof of vaccination may also be required to re-enter the United States from an endemic area or risk country.

Yellow fever vaccination is required for certain countries in sub-Saharan Africa and tropical South America. To prevent importation and transmission, a number of countries require a certificate from travelers arriving from infected areas or from countries with infected areas, even if only in transit. Such requirements may be strictly enforced. A yellow fever vaccination must be given at an official yellow fever vaccination center and the certificate of vaccination must be validated by the center that  administers the vaccine.

Certain vaccines are recommended to protect travelers from illnesses present in various international destinations, such as Hepatitis A & B, Typhoid, and Influenza†.

Where Can I Get Vaccinations and
Information on Preventing Health Risks?

Cliffside Park -  EmergiMed**      201-945-6500
Emerson - Old Hook Medical Associates**      201-666-3900
Englewood -  Leonia Medical Associates**      201-568-3335
Fort Lee -  Plaza West Diagnostic**      201-585-8105
Hackensack -  Maxim Health Services**      866-844-9257
Hackensack -  TravelCare**      201-996-2031
Hackensack -  Travel Kids*      Pediatric Infectious Disease Clinic, Hackensack University Medical Center      201-996-5308
Mahwah -  Mahwah Medical**      201-529-0033
Paramus -  Maxim Health Services**      866-844-9257
Paramus -  Travel Health Solutions**      201-444-3711
Paramus -  The Enlightened Traveler**      Valley Health Medical Group       201-447-8029
Park Ridge -  The Enlightened Traveler**      Valley Health Medical Group       201-930-1700
Riverdale -  The Enlightened Traveler**      Valley Health Medical Group      973-835-7290
Teaneck -  Occupational Health Services**     201-833-7200
Waldwick -  Beverly Dunn, MD*      201-445-0033

For more information about international travel, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website at or call the CDC’s Travelers’ Health Information Line at 877-FYI-TRIP or the Bergen  County Department of Health Services at 201-634-2647.

(*) = yellow fever vaccination clinic
(**) = travel and yellow fever vaccination clinic