Ask Liz FAQ is an easy way for you to locate answers to questions regarding recycling and garbage information. This page consists of frequently asked questions with the response from the Borough’s Recycling Coordinator, Liz Morris. If you have questions that are not addressed on the Ask Liz page or you have any concerns, please email Liz at or call Liz at 201-891-4000, Ext. 1280.

 Curbside Recycling and Garbage Collection Information

Non-Curbside Recycling and Garbage Disposal Information
Some items which are recyclable cannot be picked up at the curbside and there may be occasions when you need a place to take recycling between collections. The sections below outline where different types of recycling can be taken. I am often asked how to dispose of a wide variety of items such as paint cans, batteries, books, and motor oil. If you don’t see the item that you wanted to dispose of listed, click here to view the “What Do I Do With” page.