Franklin Lakes Office of Emergency Management


             Coordinator - Craig Goldman
Deputy Coordinator - Denny Knubel, Brian Brunsch,
                                   Lynn Pagano, and Nelson Winokur


Local Emergency Planning Council
Anthony Albanese, BD representative
Frank Bivona, Mayor
Brian Brunsch, Deputy Coordinator
Ken Koehler, Ambulance Corps Captain
Ryan Dodd, Fire Chief
Lydia Furnari, Superintendent of Schools
Craig Goldman, Emergency Management Coordinator
Gregory Hart, Borough Administrator
Denny Knubel, Deputy Coordinator
Lynn Pagano, Deputy Coordinator
Robert Pavlick, American Red Cross Representative
Rich Lilienthal, DPW Superintendent
Paulette Ramsey, Councilwoman
Nelson Winokur, Deputy Coordinator
Charles J.X. Kahwaty, Councilman Alternate

Message from the Franklin Lakes Office of Emergency Management
Are you prepared for the next emergency? Have you registered your unlisted, cell and e-mail addresses with the Emergency Notification System and e-blast? Click here to register online. Click here for more information.

NJ 2-1-1 Emergency Relief and Recovery

You are encouraged to dial “2-1-1” 24 hours a day, seven days a week if you need help in understanding and finding available assistance services. Language translation and TTY services are offered to any caller. You can also search the database of services in your local community or Chat Live with an experienced community resource specialist. 2-1-1 will help identify with you the best local resources to fit your individual needs during times of financial distress or for life’s everyday situations. Click here to view the NJ Relief and Recovery Assistance Guide. For more information on 2-1-1 disaster response, click here 

Emergency Operation Plan

If a disaster or significant emergency were to affect Franklin Lakes, the borough does have an emergency operations plan. The plan is divided into sections. Each section has a coordinator and deputy coordinator. The plan is continuously updated and exercises are conducted to test the effectiveness of the plan.

Emergency Stations and Shelters

The Borough’s response to an emergency will depend on the severity of a given incident. Emergency Stations provide limited transitional services and can accommodate up to 200 residents. Services include WIFI internet access, phone charging stations, water and a warm place to stay during daytime hours. The Borough will notify residents if an Emergency Station is operating.

Emergency Station Locations in Franklin Lakes
Bender Court Fire House - 479 Bender Court
Franklin Lakes Ambulance Corps - 480 Bender Court

If full service Emergency Shelters are activated by Bergen County, Emergency Management will advise residents of their locations and transportation options.

Emergency Notification System

Our most proactive method of communication with residents is by telephone and e-mail. As part of our efforts to expand the distribution of emergency information in Franklin Lakes and Bergen County, the Borough has subscribed to the Bergen County Emergency Notification system which maintains a confidential listing of all listed and unlisted telephone numbers from major carriers. (Skype and MagicJack are not included.) The new Emergency Notification System allows us to call and text registered phone numbers, and send e-mail messages. In addition, residents can register special needs that may assist first responders. If you want to receive text messages, e-mail alerts, change or add phone numbers from unsupported internet phone carriers, you must register and enter your information. Click here to register online. If you have any questions please contact Emergency Management at

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and County Animal Response Team (CART)

Volunteers Needed!
Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and County Animal Response Team (CART) volunteers are needed to assist the Franklin Lakes Office of Emergency Management. If a disaster were to occur in Franklin Lakes, would you be prepared? Most likely, the emergency services (police, fire and ambulance corps) would be overwhelmed. CERT training provides residents with basic training before, during and after a disaster. CERT training prepares you to take care of your family, your neighbors, and then the community. Topics include: CERT & disaster preparedness, basic first aid, fire suppression and light search & rescue, disaster psychology, terrorism awareness and animal preparedness. CERT volunteers are an invaluable resource to the Borough during storms and emergencies. Additional classes are available for individuals wishing to train for the County Animal Response Team (CART). Residents of Franklin Lakes interested in becoming a CERT member can contact Nelson Winokur at for more information.

Emergency Planning at Home

Disasters can occur suddenly and without warning. Would you be prepared if a disaster were to affect your family? The key is to be prepared. Listed below are several suggestions to help you be prepared.

  • Make sure everyone in your family knows how and when to dial 911. Family members should dial 911 only in emergencies. In example; a power outage is not considered an emergency. Examples of emergencies include; fires, medical emergencies and downed power lines. For non-emergencies dial (201) 891-3131.
  • Designate a family contact. If you had to leave your home and your family became separated, have a pre-designated family contact that family members could call.
  • On occasion Franklin Lakes has experienced prolonged power outages. In the event of a prolonged power outage or if your home were inhabitable due to a disaster, would you have a pre-arranged location of where you can go?
  • If you must leave your home, remember to bring prescription medications and glasses.
  • Household members should be made aware of where and how to turn off water, electric, and gas to their home.
  • A three day supply of food and water should be kept.
  1. 3 gallons of water per person, per day is recommended.
  2. Store food such as canned food which require little or no water, and have a longer expiration dates. Adults require between 2000 and 2500 calories per day.
  • A first aid kit, fire extinguisher, flashlight with fresh batteries, matches and work gloves should be kept in your home. Make sure household members know where to locate these items and how to use them.
  • Have a plan for your pets. For additional information refer to the FEMA website at:
  • For more information on disaster planning refer to the FEMA website at: Click onto the “prepare for Disaster” and Assemble Supplies” tab.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Franklin Lakes Office of Emergency Management is looking for volunteers with skills or training to assist in the following areas: (click here for detailed information).  

For our volunteer application and information request form, click here.

Fire and Rescue Social Services
Emergency Operations CenterEmergency MedicalDamage Assessment
Emergency Public InformationPublic HealthShelter, Reception and Care
Alert, Warning & CommunicationPublic WorksResource Management