Franklin Lakes Tax Maps

Below are links to the Borough's Tax Maps. They are all available in pdf format. You can find a property on the Tax Map in different ways:

(1) click on the Key Map; the Borough is divided into numbered areas which correspond to the Tax Map sheets; find the general area of the property and determine the numbered Tax Map for the property; close the Key Map; and click on the numbered Tax Map sheet for the property; or,

(2) if you know the Block and Lot of the property, the first two numbers of the Block are the same as the numbered Tax Map on which the property is located (for example, Block 1401 is on Tax Map 14); click on the numbered Tax Map sheet for the property. (Block 12, 13, 14 15 and 16 are divided into two maps ending with number .01 and .02.)

You can use the zoom feature to get a closer look.

Last updated 2/12/2018