Tax Assessor

2023 Tax Rate = 1.730 per $100 of assessed value

2023 Equalization Ratio = 91.43%

The Tax Assessor is required annually to assess real property at full value as of October 1st of the pretax year. When assessing properties for taxation, the Tax Assessor is performing a vital governmental function, and is acting as an agent of the State Legislature.

Tax Bills:  All questions regarding Tax bills should be directed to the Tax Collector's Department at 201-891-4000, Ext 1216.

Property Taxpayer Bill of Rights

P. L. 2017, c. 128.

The Property Taxpayer Bill of Rights ensures that: 1) All property taxpayers are accorded the basic rights of fair and equitable treatment under the State Constitution and laws of New Jersey; 2) All property taxpayers receive the information and assistance they need to understand and meet their property tax responsibilities.

Services to Property Taxpayers
As a property taxpayer, you have the right to obtain information explained in simple, nontechnical terms about:

  • Your responsibilities and rights as a property owner and property taxpayer;
  • Your real property assessment and how it is determined and calculated;
  • Your right to appeal and how to appeal an assessment you believe is incorrect as to your property or as to another property in the same county and the time limits involved;
  • Your right, in the context of a property tax appeal, to view the property record card of other real property in the municipality;
  • Responsiveness You have the right to expect questions will be responded to within a reasonable amount of time;
  • Statements and Notices You have the right to expect all notices you receive will clearly identify the purpose of the communication and the proper procedure when responding;  

For More Information - Many Local Property Tax forms and publications are available on the State of New Jersey, Department of Treasury, Division of Taxation website.

Tax Deductions Available to Qualifying Residents

Veteran or Surviving Spouse of Veteran:
Veterans, who were honorably discharged and served in active duty during the following conflicts or wars may apply for a $250 deduction: Joint Guard Mission-Bosnia and Herzegovina, Joint Endeavor Mission-Bosnia and Herzegovina, Restore Hope Mission-Somalia, Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm, Panama Peacekeeping Mission, Lebanon Peacekeeping Mission, Grenada Peacekeeping Mission, Vietnam Conflict, Korean Conflict, World War II and World War I. Dates of Service apply. In order to qualify for the $250 Veteran Deduction you must: Own a residence in Franklin Lakes as of October 1 of the pretax year. Be Honorably Discharged from active service and provide a copy of your Discharge Papers and DD-214. Have served in one of the conflicts listed. Click here for the application.

100 Percent Permanently Disable Veteran or Surviving Spouse:
Qualified New Jersey Resident War Veterans having certain service-connected disabilities described in law or having been declared totally or 100% permanently disabled by the U.S. Veterans Administration are granted full tax exemption on the dwelling house and lot. Click here for the application.

Senior Citizen, Disable Person & Surviving Spouse:
An annual deduction of $250 from real property taxes on a home which is owned and occupied by a resident of Franklin Lakes as of October 1st of the pretax year, is 65 years or older or permanently and totally disabled or is a surviving spouse of a senior citizen or disabled person where income is $10,000 or less, not including social security. Click here for the application.

New Jersey Senior " Freeze" (Property Tax Reimbursement):
A reimbursement program that is administered by New Jersey Division of Taxation. Call 1-877-225-1312 or click here for more information.