Environmental Commission

The Franklin Lakes Environmental Commission is established for the protection, development or use of natural resources, including water resources, located within the territorial limits of the Borough.
The mission of the Environmental Commission is to promote and enhance the environmental quality of the Borough through natural resource protection, conservation, development, and education.
The Environmental Commission acts to achieve its mission by:
  • Acting as an information resource and environmental advocate to the Governing Body, Planning Board and other municipal organizations on matters related to environmental quality and natural resources.
  • Undertaking studies regarding the status of the Borough’s environment, including natural resource inventories, water quality analysis, energy programs, open space preservation, solid waste management, soil and landscape protection, noise control, air pollution, endangered species protection, and overall environmental appearance.
  • Recommending to the Governing Body and Planning Board plans and programs to address environmental quality issues that are identified, and for inclusion in the Municipal Master Plan as a guide for future decision-making.
  • Preparing and distributing materials related to environmental quality issues, seeking public input on these issues, and advocating positions to support the environmental stewardship of the Borough.
  • Providing educational outreach to the community.
  • Coordinating the activities of other committees organized for environmental quality or natural resource protection purposes.