Added and Omitted Assessments

An improvement to your home will increase its selling price and property tax. This will take the form of an added assessment tax bill, which you will receive in the mail in October, after the improvement is substantially completed for its intended use. This bill shall be payable on November 1, February 1, and May 1. Then, the added assessment amount will be included in your annual tax bill received in July for the new tax year.

The added assessment is the difference between the property assessment before and after the improvement. It does not reflect the cost of the amenity itself or the cost of the project.

If you did not receive an Added Assessment Tax Bill for work completed in the previous year, you will receive an Omitted Added Assessment Bill, in addition to an Added Assessment Bill, the following year. The original bill will be mailed to your mortgage company, if you have one, and you will receive an advice only copy. We recommend that you contact your mortgage company to ensure payment will be made.