Tree Removal Process

Failure to obtain a permit for tree removal may result in substantial fines and penalties, including fines of $250 to $1,500 per tree removed – see Violation and Penalties.

Ordinance 1918 - Tree Removal and Replacement Amendments - adopted June 20, 2023

Shade Tree Permits

  • Tree Removal permits are required for the removal of any tree 7 inches in diameter or larger, 22 inches in circumference, measured 4 and ½ feet above the ground, dead or alive.
  • The fee for a tree removal permit is $50.00 for the first 5 trees, and $10.00 per tree thereafter.
  • Trees must be tagged before application is submitted.

The Tree Removal Process:

  1. Complete a Tree Removal Permit Application, or visit the Construction Office at Borough Hall.
  2. Fill out section one, and complete section two(attach a site plan or sketch to the application) of the application.
    • It is important that the sketch include the road your house is on, your house, and your driveway in relation to the tree in which you would like removed.
    • Make checks payable to: Borough of Franklin Lakes
    • You can either bring in your completed application with check to the Construction Office, or they can be sent by mail.
      • Please mail application to:
Borough of Franklin Lakes
Construction Department
Attn: Tree Specialist
480 DeKorte Drive
Franklin Lakes, NJ, 07417
3. An inspector will come to the property within 14 days of the application being submitted. It will be expected that your tree(s) be tagged prior to
4. A bright green tree permit will be left at your residence in one of two places. The  permit will be found by your front door, or by your garage door, and not in your mail box.
    • Please remember that your permit expires 90 days from approval date
    • Your permit must be left in the window in a place visible from the road 10 days after cutting the tree down.
See Article XX of Ordinance 1562 on the topic of Tree Removal and Replacement.


Ordinance 1918 - Tree Removal and Replacement Amendments - adopted June 20, 2023

Tree Removal and Replacement Ordinance

Chapter 453 Trees
Chapter 118 Shade Tree Commission
300-66 Shade Tree and Landscaping