Pride in Franklin Lakes is Picking Up Anti Littering Campaign

Driven by concerns over the debris that has been left on Borough ballfields and in its parks and public areas, the Mayor and Council, Environmental Commission and Recreation Department of the Borough of Franklin Lakes are launching an Anti-Littering Campaign. Its major theme is “Pride in Franklin Lakes is Picking Up.” The central message of the Anti-Littering Campaign, as is featured on the Anti-Littering Campaign flyers (see attached), is as follows:

“The Franklin Lakes community can work together to clean up our parks, fields and public areas. Clean up after yourself and make sure that others do as well. The beauty that is Franklin Lakes should be free of litter. Be responsible to your community, your neighbors, the environment and yourself, by always picking up. Pride in Franklin Lakes is Picking Up!” 


Community Director Dina Robinson stresses the importance of working together to end littering. Dina states, “Keeping our parks, ball fields, and trails litter free shows pride in our community. We have added water bottle stations to many of our sports facilities and encourage our athletes to come together as a team to pick up waste left in our parks. The Recreation and Parks Department does not tolerate littering in our parks, fields, courts, walking paths and trails.”

We have also put together fun community events and programs to promote, “Pride in Franklin Lakes is Picking Up,” and maintain a beautiful and healthy environment. Consider joining us for Clean-Up Day, and Adopt a Park/Trail program. For additional information, email, or visit

The Anti-Littering Campaign flyers will be provided to schools to send home to parents and will be displayed in the Franklin Lakes Public Library. Anti-Littering Campaign signs will be installed on ballfields and in parks.

Carole Holden, the chair of the Franklin Lakes Environmental Commission, believes that the Anti-Littering Campaign fits in with the goals of the Commission. She states, “Franklin Lakes is a beautiful town. Individuals and families come here because of that and our residents are proud of and feel responsible for maintaining its natural beauty. As a community we also know that the absence of litter is an important sign that we know it is vital that we reduce waste and recycle all our used materials as an additional way to maintain and to make it sustainable for the future. Please do your part to keep Franklin Lakes the beautiful town we all love.”