New Jersey’s Good Samaritan Law Don’t Run, Call 911!

From the Franklin Lakes Addiction and Recovery Advisor

My son, Frank passed away 18 months ago due to an accidental overdose and fentanyl poisoning. If the individuals who were with Frank were aware of NJ’s Good Samaritan Law, Frank would be alive today. NJ’s Good Samaritan Law exempts from arrest and prosecution and limits liability for any victim or “Good Samaritan” who renders aid in an alcohol or drug related emergency. The individual will not face any criminal consequences if medical assistance is sought. This protection applies to all “Good Samaritans,” including under age individuals. Each US state, with the exception of Kansas and Wyoming, have some type of Good Samaritan Law in place.

Please watch and encourage your kids to view this 5 minute video, BREATHE, illustrating the importance of the Good Samaritan Law. Many of our children are heading to their new lives in college soon and they need to understand that they are doing the right thing by calling for help. Enforce the simple phrase, “Don’t Run, Call 911”. They can save a life.

As Franklin Lakes’ Addiction and Recovery Advisor, I am available, on a strictly confidential basis, to assist residents who are in crisis and need help navigating the many resources available to help. Please view the article which was recently sent out regarding my position as Addiction and Recovery Advisor.

Ellen Trotta Carmody, Franklin Lakes Addiction and Recovery Advisor

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