Clean Up Day Thank You

From the Community Director and 
The Environmental Commission 

The Community Director and Franklin Lakes Environmental Commission would like to thank everyone in the Borough who helped in cleaning up our beautiful community on Saturday, May 4. It was a splendid day with neon yellow shirts everywhere carrying special biodegradable bags to contain the trash they collected. Over 100 pre-school children, students and adults scoured the streets and woods for debris left or carelessly thrown away by thoughtless individuals. The photos. tell it all.

A special thank you to the DPW who set up our monitoring stations at McBride Field and the Old Mill Tennis Courts, and carted away all the bags and loose rubbish and the Police officers who guaranteed our safety. 

Clean Up Day could not have taken place without the support of our residents, the Environmental Commission, Mayor Kahwaty, and Council members who visited each site to help and cheer on the volunteers, the Recreation and Parks Department who sorted and prepared for the day. Clean Up Day is supported by New Jersey’s Clean Communities Council whose support encourages all municipalities to take pride in their towns by devoting one day to “cleaning up.” 

Thank you to the Franklin Lakes residents, scouts and students. Franklin Lakes feels cleaner, brighter and healthier than before. We will see you again next year!

Last updated 5/13/2024 10:40:12 AM