Van Winkle House

Built 1760
798 Franklin Lake Road, Block 2204, Lot 1
Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417

The Van Winkle House probably dates to pre-Revolutionary times – pre-1761/Braun architectural evidence. It is an unusual form of stone house in Bergen County for it is the only extant example of a house with both end walls constructed of stone while the façade and rear walls are frame construction. Stories tell of a fire in the past which may be why the house is not typical in many ways. Roof and dormers are probably 20th century.


The builder of the Van Winkle House probably was Simeon Van Winkle. The old part of the house has three bays, is one room deep and has two fireplaces, one of them may have been a salt box. The exterior walls mostly are constructed from local rubble stone. 

The Van Winkle House, while having been altered through the years, still retains a sufficient amount of its original fabric that it should be recognized and retained for its architectural significance and for its association with the exploration and settlement of the Bergen County area. As such, it is included in the Thematic Nomination to the National Register of Historic Places for the Early Stone Houses of Bergen County, New Jersey.

The Van Winkle House is in good condition, privately owned and occupied by the present owners.

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National Registry #84002595