William W. Pulis House
Built 1837
290 Pulis Avenue, Block 1607, Lot 1
Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417  

The William W. Pulis House is a handsome example of mid 19th century architecture and is located in the old Campgaw section of Franklin Lakes. It is one of the larger extant residences dating to this period in the Borough. The building date in the Borough’s records is indicated at 1837. 

The William W. Pulis house of vernacular architecture is 2 ½ stories high, and has two central gables. The façade has a double pointed window and the rear a single pointed window. The central gable roof is a common architectural feature of houses from the period and is found elsewhere in Bergen County. The house façade is clapboard and has plain freeze. The recessed double paneled entrance door has a rectangular transom and paneled door surrounds. The original entrance steps and wrought iron railing have been replaced at a later time. On the North West side of the house is a one story enclosed connector passage leading to a two car garage.


The William W. Pulis house is significant for its association with the Pulis family since they were early settlers, farmers and millers in the Franklin Lake area. Successive generations occupied this residence during the last half of the 19th century until the early 20th century.

Currently, the property is privately owned and the house is occupied.

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