Tree Limbs in Roadway – Notices Being Sent Out

Overhanging limbs and branches have become a hazard to vehicles as low branches obstruct the roadway, causing problems for emergency vehicles, garbage trucks, landscaper trucks, construction vehicles and all large delivery vehicles.

By Borough ordinance, it is solely the responsibility of individual property owners to cut and maintain the brush, hedges and trees between the street and property line in a neat and orderly manner so that they do not obstruct or otherwise interfere with the free use of the street. Click here to see the ordinance.

The Shade Tree Commission is sending letters to property owners with problem limbs, branches and overhanging brush. The property owners will be given six weeks to remedy the problem. If no action is taken, the problem property will be referred to the Zoning Officer for enforcement of fines and penalties.

The Shade Tree Commission urges all home owners to work together as a community and to do their part by removing limbs and branches that encroach upon the roadway alongside their property. Residents are encouraged to coordinate with other residents in the area that may have similar issues in hiring tree contractors for this work.