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Stop Driveway Paper and Circular Deliveries


Community newspapers and supermarket circulars are delivered to your driveway by two distributors.

North Jersey Media Group
1 Garret Mountain Plaza
Woodland Park, NJ, 07424
(888) 473-2673 
CBA Industries
PO Box 1717
Elmwood Park, NJ, 07407
(800) 376-6222 




Temporary Suspension:
To temporarily suspend these free deliveries for any reason including vacation, the recipient can call the distributors above and place a request.

Permanent Suspension:
To permanently suspend these free deliveries, the recipient and the provider must abide by Borough Code Chapter 283. According to Sect. 283-5, the recipient of unwanted printed matter must notify the distributor by certified mail.

In the event that the distributor does not heed the recipient’s request, please contact the office of the Borough Administrator in writing.

For additional clarification, refer to Borough Code Chapter 283.